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The Market

Impresit Metallurgica’s Client base ranges from regional pipe and steel distributors to global conglomerates participating in some of the most challenging and demanding infrastructure projects throughout the world. Impresit Metallurgica serves Customers in over 20 industries across the globe including wholesale and distribution, petroleum, water supply, utilities, transportation and infrastructure, power and alternative energy, natural resources, general construction and beyond. We supply them with time-sensitive, critical-path, mission-critical pipe and steel products and solutions tailored to their specific industry needs.
Leadership requires innovative thinking, great talent and a Customer focus. Impresit Metallurgica's expertise transcends industry boundaries.
Over the years, with our products, Impresit Metallurgica’s Customers have built oil, natural gas and water pipelines, drilled wells, repaired bridges, constructed tunnels, dredged harbors, erected oil platforms, restored piers, expanded airports and highways. The variations are endless, but the one constant is Impresit Metallurgica.